11 of the World’s Coolest Train Stations

Train travel never seems to go out of fashion – whether chugging through the British countryside on an old steam locomotive or rolling through snow-caked Russian terrain on the Trans-Siberian, there are hoards of famous railway routes to fuel the travel wanderlust. But it’s not all about the journey; there are a few destinations of interest too.

These 11 railway stations have transcended the obligatory magazine kiosks and fast-food stands to offer a creative alternative to cramped subway tunnels and drab departure halls. From futuristic architecture and elaborate décor to wild and remote locations, these train stations are not merely connection points; they are destinations in themselves.

Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan

Wooden Tsuzumi Gate and glass facade of Kanaza...
Image via Wikipedia

Simultaneously traditional and futuristic, Kanazawa Station features a traditional wooden ‘Tsuzumi’ gate, a domed glass and steel roof and an idyllic courtyard of blossoming trees and water features. The station was officially completed in 2005 and is on the JR Hokuriku Line.



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